A game changer is approaching for business productivity software


The advent of the internet in the 1990s marked a significant shift for businesses, as it opened up a world of digital possibilities for improving operations and creating new value. The Internet provided a new platform for companies to both innovate and improve their operations. Through the use of digital solutions, businesses have been able to enhance customer experiences, increase collaboration, expand distribution channels, increase automation, and optimize value chains. Additionally, the rise of cloud-based software and the use of microservices and APIs have provided building blocks for entrepreneurs to create and launch more innovative solutions.

However, we still haven't seen the same magic moments within B2B software as we have seen in the consumer fields, with products like Spotify or Netflix.

Despite the advancements in technology, many businesses continue to operate using outdated organizational principles and processes from previous centuries. They tend to have siloed structures and rely on intuition and consensus for decision-making rather than utilizing automation and real-time data. Employees often continue to use manual processes for tasks such as creating content in emails, presentations and meetings. Most businesses simply don't use the best available technology. Most businesses are slow.

At Skyfall, we believe the Nordic region, with our digital mature workforce and high labor cost, has the potential to produce some of the planet's most exciting B2B SaaS startups.

The domain of business productivity software is vast. We continuously scan the landscape for promising startups and are particularly interested in companies that are developing innovative solutions for industrial applications, digital safety and compliance, data analysis, and new ways of working, both within administrative, professional and creative fields. Also, we look closely for B2B focused startups within our other fields of interest, like climate technology or next generation ecommerce. 

We are especially excited about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as drivers for the next wave of business productivity. Recent advancements are mind-blowing, and will fundamentally impact organizations of all sizes. AI will revolutionize how companies approach tasks such as writing code, producing text, creating images and video, and even generating new ideas. New jobs and new industries will be created as a result. The impact of innovations boosted by AI will be a game changer. Businesses utilizing such software will outperform their peers, creating winners and losers in an order of magnitude.

The magic moments of business productivity software is right around the corner. 

Skyfall are searching for founders creating these moments.



A SaaS platform for KYC automation


Strise is an AI-powered SaaS platform that let financial institutions automation their Know-Your-Customer process. Connected to 200k data points, Strise delivers real-time data on companies and ensures your portfolio stays up to date without needing manual entry.

A software for continuous compliance

Kosli is a software company delivering a SaaS tool for software developers that enables continuous and automated compliance and change management.  

An all-in-one front-end builder


Vev is a collaborative website builder for designers, developers and marketers. Vev accelerate workflow and enable total creative freedom through a built-in design editor, a
React code editor and a
content editor.

Business-to-business software-as-a-service (“B2B SaaS”) has been a significant source of value creation for companies the last 20 years. However, there has yet to be a similar level of disruption and innovation in the B2B sector as in consumer-facing industries. We think that is about to change.



Fredrik has been building
companies since 2002. He has
co-founded two NGOs and three technology companies in the likes
of Evacuaid, Oda (Kolonial.no) and Nyby. Fredrik is currently
spending all his time as
co-founder & CEO of Nyby.



Lasse is Skyfall’s
analytical brain. Together
with Preben and Hans Erik, he
has co-founded companies such as Ibistic, Vibb and SuperDeal. Just recently he co-founded Clover,
an offshore wind technology
start-up. Lasse is also a
co-founder and partner in
Sprint Consulting.

Hans Erik


Hans Erik brings
optimism and strategic
thinking to every project and
process. Together with Preben
and Lasse, he has co-founded
companies such as Ibistic, Vibb
and SuperDeal. The first acquired
by Visma (2005) and the latter
by Schibsted (2012). Hans Erik
is also a co-founder and
partner in Sprint

Jon Kåre


Jon Kåre has co-founded
Oda (Kolonial.no), Norway’s
leading online grocery store and
first Norwegian unicorn. He
has experience with hyper scaling
and process improvement from
Oda and from his eight years in
Schibsted Media Group.



Preben has co-founded
several companies, such as
B2B SaaS company Ibistic
Technologies, management
consulting firm Sprint Consulting
and Skyfall Ventures. He is an
expert in entrepreneurship, digital platform strategies and
blitzscaling techniques.


Managing Partner


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Espen has built up
Skyfall from an angel
investment network to its
current scale. With a MSc
degree in communication
technology with a specialization
in crypto currencies he has a
strong technical foundation.
Espen has experience from
working closely with
multiple start-ups like
Vev and Firi.

Espen has built up Skyfall Ventures from an angel investment network to its current scale. With a Master of Science degree in communication technology and a Master's Thesis on Bitcoin from 2012/2013 he has a strong technical foundation.


Espen Malmo