Skyfall Ventures

HQ: Oslo, Norway.

Founded: 2016.

Investments: 23.

Exits: 4.

Assets under management: NOK 100 million

Fund I size: NOK 70 million.

Initial ticket size: NOK 1-5 million.

Follow-on capital: 1/2 of the fund.

We like early stage companies. For us early stage means companies that at least have developed a beta version (prototype) of their product and have some paying customers or that can show user traction. We invest in all sectors, except those that directly harm people or the environment. In that sense, we are sector agnostic.

We are an early-stage venture capital firm based in Oslo, Norway. Skyfall Ventures was established as a firm in 2016, but we have invested under the Skyfall umbrella since 2014. Our first fund, with NOK 70 million in assets under management, was launched in February 2020. Prior to launching our fund, we had invested NOK 30 million across 16 companies.

We back companies with extraordinary founders that leverage technology to scale fast in markets ripe for change. We only invest in companies with a software enabled edge. Sometimes we do hardware as well, but only when bundled with proprietary and value adding software.


We back ambitious
technology companies

We invest stage specific, but we are sector agnostic.